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  • The Best Portable Vaporizers for Dry Herbs

    The Best Portable Vaporizers for Dry Herbs

    by Katie Johnson

    What is a Portable Vaporizer?

    Portable vaporizers are increasingly becoming a favorite tool for tobacco and dry herbs. As their popularity increases, so does the availability. New vaporizers are being introduced to the market seemingly every day, and while some of the tools feature a classic design, others swap out functionality for a bit of flashiness. The problem is that when you are looking for a portable vape, especially if you are new to vaping, it is hard to know the difference between what works and what is unnecessary.

    Factors into choosing a Portable Vaporizer?

    There are several factors that you ought to look at when considering the purchase of a new portable vaporizer. This includes the price point, the durability of the item, the ease of concealment and portability, and finally the overall quality of the vaporizer itself, including the smoothness, temperature and taste of the dry herbs.

    Before you head out to the store, do your research and know what you are looking for ahead of time. Here is a quick breakdown of 5 of the best portable vaporizers for dry herb that are currently on the market:

    • Crafty Vaporizer

      Consistently rated one of the top choices in portable vaporizers for 2017, the crafty vaporizer is a bit on the higher-end of the budget options but it delivers a top-quality experience that makes it worth the extra cash. This is the newest addition to the Storz and Bickel product line. The crafty features an extremely subtle and portable design that is easy for on-the-go use, easily fitting in a pocket or even in the palm of your hand. Battery life is dependent on a charger, but the micro USB makes it as easy to charge as your cell phone. The Crafty Vaporizer is available for $279.


    • V2 Pro Series 7

      The V2 Pro Series is just about always making a top 10 list, but the 7 is good enough for the top five.  A bit more affordable than some of its counterparts, the V2 Pro Series is an ideal on-the-go vape option for someone who is not looking to break the bank. This vape perfectly handles dry herb, wax, or oil, and is small enough to easily fit in your hand or pocket. One of the most praised features of this vape is the battery, with an 1800 mah battery life that is designed to stand up to hours of continual use before needing a charge. This vape can be found for under $130 which makes it an ideal option for budget-conscious consumers.


    • Firefly 2

      This is a pure convection vaporizer that produces a quality vaping experience, with five different temperature settings, the ability to handle dry herbs and concentrates, and incredible ease of use. One of the reasons the Firefly 2 is so sought after is due to its battery life alone. The Firefly 2 comes with two replaceable and rechargeable batteries that make it easy to take this vape off the grid for hours on end without disruption. The vape also boasts a powerful heater that is capable of pre-heating in under 10 seconds. Despite the quick heating, the Firefly 2 model is considered by many to be second to none in taste, smoothness and production. A bit more cost-heavy, the Firefly 2 generally costs $329.


    • DaVinci IQ

      The DaVinci IQ is another pure convection vaporizer that brings a lot of great options to the table. This small unit is entirely portable, easily fitting in a pocket or palm, and yet is capable of producing powerful flavors and real heat that provides a top-quality experience. Many consider this model to be one of the best taste producing portable vapes on the market, and that may not be an exaggeration. The device also comes with a 10 year warranty and one replaceable battery. The DaVinci IQ can be found for $274.99.


    • Pax 3

      Despite being often looked at as a mini-vape, and so not considered a primary vaporizing option, the Pax 3 handles like a vaporizer twice its size, capable of producing a decent amount of flavorful vapor. One of the best features of the model is its App integration. The vape itself is easy to use and can work at just about any temperature, from 200 to 428 Fahrenheit. The App makes it easy to set your default preferences, but then to change those preferences easily with just a few touches. This vape is generally considered part of the luxury line but can be found in the same price range as those listed above, for $274.99.

    Pax 3 Vaporizer Pax 3 Vaporizer

    If you’re looking for a new portable vaporizer, consider one of the above 5 for the ultimate vaping experience.

  • Majestic eJuice LLC : Vape Brand Spotlight | Culinary Created eLiquid

    Majestic eJuice LLC

    What began, in 2012, as a fan favorite brand in Southern California has rapidly expanded internationally and all across the United States. Owner and Founder of Majestic Ejuice, LLC, Ron Webb brings 20+ years of culinary experience in the restaurant industry to his love of creating excitingly original flavors of e-liquid.

    Majestic eJuice currently has 4 different eliquid collections in their arsenal:

    Majestic eJuice Prestige Collection

    • Prestige No. 29 - A smooth and creamy parfait with forward notes of ripe raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. This ejuice elevates your typical yogurt vape flavor into a Prestige level.
    • Prestige No. 47 - White Chocolate goes exotic with green tea waffer cookies. An unique one of a kind eliquid.
    • Prestige No .79 - This Lemon Blueberry pound cake with a decadent whipped cream.

    Majestic eJuice Original Collection

    • Gauntlet - A sweet dessert blend of vanilla custard with roasted hazelnut and a hinted of tobacco.
    • Guillotine - A sweet dessert blend of  strawberry and banana smoothie with a mild coconut finish.
    • Ice Maiden - This pineapple and orange ice cream big stick flavor ejuice is sure to bring back memories of your childhood.
    • King Kong - A dessert blend of creamy caramel creme brulee with bananas and a hint of secret spices.
    • Royal Guardsmen - A sugary cereal and sweet berries that will remind you of the Captain!

    Majestic eJuice Candy Collection

    • Stwiz - Is a sweet strawberry gummy string ejuice.
    • SKS - Strawberry kiwi hard candy with hint of sour that will give you the perfect blend of sweet and sour.

    Majestic eJuice LLC

    Churn'd Out Vaporz






    Every bottle produced by Majestic eJuice is made from the very best ingredients made in California.

    Majestic eJuice LLC

  • FDA Deeming Regs Pushed Back 3 Months!

    The following press release comes from Cigar Rights of America announcing an extension of upcoming compliance.

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Since July 15, 2016, Cigar Association of America (CAA), Cigar Rights of America (CRA), and the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR) have been pursuing litigation in federal court against the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), challenging the FDA’s May 10, 2016 Rule deeming cigars and pipe tobacco to be tobacco products subject to FDA regulation.

    In the context of the litigation, the FDA has announced an extension of upcoming compliance deadlines under the deeming rule.  Specifically, on May 1, 2017, the United States Department of Justice advised the United States District Court for the District of Columbia that the FDA will extend and defer enforcement of all future compliance deadlines under the Rule for three months, and that it plans to issue guidance to that effect.

    The United States Department of Justice informed the court that new leadership at the United States Department of Health and Human Services wish additional time to more fully consider the issues raised in the Rule.  For example, the deadline for submission of product listings, previously June 30, 2017, will now be September 30, 2017.  The three month extension applies to all future scheduled deadlines whether they fall in 2017, 2018, or later.

    IPCPR Chief Executive Officer Mark Pursell stated, “This is certainly good news for our retail and manufacturing community, given the nature of the rules the industry is facing, and the uncertainty they create. This gives everyone, the industry and the administration alike, time to revisit the regulation, to determine the best path forward.”

    Cigar Rights of America Executive Director Glynn Loope added, “This extension speaks to the questions raised in the suit, and the recognized need by the new administration to review the nature and impact of the proposed regulations. It also speaks to the virtue of our multi-front strategy to mitigate the threat of these regulations. It spans both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, and a courthouse in between.”

    The associations will collaborate on conveying additional information to the industry as it becomes available.  A notice is expected to be published in the coming days further memorializing FDA’s extension of compliance deadlines under the Rule.

  • Charlie's Chalk Dust at Shenzhen ECIE April 14 2017

    Charlie's Chalk Dust at Shenzhen ECIE 2017 with Vaping Industries! Enjoy the recap translated from our friend in China. http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/QsxI17kxpuvLE3gUEL_CvA


    Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Industry Expo is a 3 day event being held from 14th April to 16th April 2017 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, China. This event showcases products like electronic cigarette manufacturer, products research spices, Igolla technology, to that of e cigarettes associated with this field etc. in the Industrial Products industry.

    Charlie's Chalk Dust Recap!  

    Charlie's Chalk Dust Charlie's chime gray everyone is not unfamiliar, is a group of high VG American style smoke oil, and Charlie's smoke and oil spices material has been quite pay attention to the classic matte black bottle divergence out of the mysterious magic, So that every player to see it has shown a strong sense of ignorance.

    Charlie's brand design highlights are also very many, in a number of forced cool handsome Cock steam style to maintain a high aesthetic in the style and layout can do people never forget is that I stay in this booth too long For one reason.

    Charlie's booth is very intimate for the players to prepare a description of each taste and match the low nicotine test smoke. This exhibition is still pious Charlie for many players to bring a dozen worthy of the taste of joy.

    Dream Cream by Charlie's Chalk Dust Dream Cream by Charlie's Chalk Dust

    Dream Cream by Charlie's Chalk Dust - Vanilla Cream Chocolate Gui Gui

    Head Bangin Boogie by Charlie's Chalk Dust Head Bangin Boogie by Charlie's Chalk Dust

    Head Bangin Boogie by Charlie's Chalk Dust - ecstasy blueberry fruit flavor (a rowing of love)

    Slamberry by Charlie's Chalk Dust Slamberry by Charlie's Chalk Dust

    Slamberry by Charlie's Chalk Dust - the freshest strawberry mixed with handmade ice cream

    Vaping Industries is Charlie's Chalk Dust in the country's agents, warm and clear for us to introduce this year's several main smoke oil. I understand my own picky, in the introduction of the first few kinds of smoke, I basicallyuse the opening to hear the smell of the bottle to determine is not my favorite type, only to the Industries of Sean recommended a bottle of this year's new pride For.

    Sean talking about Charlie's Chalk Dust. Sean talking about Charlie's Chalk Dust.

    The bottle design is very simple and full, the bottom of the bottle has a two-year shelf life of the safety date. Open the cover visible tubing long cone type, for the 60ML packaging is very reasonable, not in the filling of oil when the pressure is too strong, it is not because of excessive force and can not control the oil filling accuracy. Details are the core factor in building a good impression, this control makes me very happy to go next step to contact with it.

    Dripping that atty with LEMON PIE 60ML | MR MERINGUE Dripping that atty with LEMON PIE 60ML | MR MERINGUE

    The exhibition took two nebulizers, one was Smith and the second was the rattlesnake. Then try this oil I chose to do the taste of the data Smith, NI80 silk, 3.0 ring diameter, resistance 0.25Ω. The first taste of the entrance, the lemon from the mouth on both sides of the mouth along the back of the mouth to reach the upper wall of the mouth, followed by a trace of sweet honey from the tongue smooth to the tongue, exhaled when the flavor of the delicious flavor of lemon peel flavor. And I together to experience this piece of oil a rowing is felt, as if to taste a grilled pastry pastry sweet and sour lemon milk cake. Thought that there are cake taste ingredients will have a sweet feeling, but I am excited that it is not the slightest greasy, but there is a sense of satisfaction can be dependent.


    It became my first session in Shenzhen this is the first to recommend to everyone a smoke oil.

    LEMON PIE 60ML | MR MERINGUE with Charlies White Label LEMON PIE 60ML | MR MERINGUE with Charlies White Label

    Mr Meringue

    Lemon Cake

    MR MERINGUE company logo MR MERINGUE company logo
    https://www.vapingindustries.com/juice/mr-meringue.html Life never gives us lemons, lemons are preserved for the sweet taste of my meringue pie.

    At the show, Mr. Meringue  was hooked by the funny package. You would say that I was a visual dog. But there is no doubt that a company is willing to use visual design to maintain their own brand style, which is very worthy of respect for things. His degree of seriousness on the product here, that is, fail to reach their own standards, is unwilling to put the product into the market.

    LEMON PIE eJuice 60ML | MR MERINGUE Charlies Chalk Dust eLiquid with real Lemon! LEMON PIE eJuice 60ML | MR MERINGUE Charlies Chalk Dust eLiquid with real Lemon!
    LEMON PIE eJuice 60ML | MR MERINGUE Charlies Chalk Dust eLiquid LEMON PIE eJuice 60ML | MR MERINGUE Charlies Chalk Dust eLiquid

    After returning from the show, I took a set of flat photos for the favorite smoke, as usual, I love the yellow yellow for the lemon yellow is not the slightest resistance. Behind the camera, like to see the lemon cake ready, we often say that shooting anything, only the photographer to capture the move, in order to pass the touch out. Mr. Marlene series of smoke oil are selected 60ML capacity packaging, for now has been pumping for 4 days for me, it is too convenient, and 26650 battery thickness of the rough, with a very special sense of presence.


    Mr. Meringue to provide this paragraph VG and PG ratio data is 70:30, after four days of experience, high VG ratio so that when the lemon cake into the throat when the mouth is indeed more comfortable, like the place has been left A layer of fragrant protective film, it is easy to make people happy heart. While theamount of smoke is also very impressive, than I at any time spit out the smoke are more rich and stable.


    Second, Mr. Meringue is best to have due to the 60ml bottles, travel, both to meet my rations needs, and do not have to worry about the long journey to face the face of the trip, the first, high VG, drink plenty of water; Security control. Do not blame me for being too beautiful, because I'm intoxicated.

  • GPriv Review

    The GPriv, 2 battery touch screen SMOK kit is what you've been waiting for.

    I recently purchased the purple SMOK Gpriv 220W kit because purple is my favorite color.  And a girl should get what she wants.  It is purple and black (both the tank and the mod).  It is sleek and sexy.  I was super excited to pick this up.  It even comes with a sleeve if you are worried about dropping it, to protect the screen and the mod.  And actually I already dropped it once, and it still works just like it was brand new.  There are a lot of great things about this kit, but the main reasons why this is the kit for you is below.

    First: The hardware.  Tank - Smok Big Baby Beast & Mod - Gpriv 220W.  Batteries held in with magnetic side panel. It is clean, lightweight, and durable.

    Second: The functions.  Touchscreen with screen lock, time and date, number of puffs, wattage level and effect control, and battery level monitoring.  There is more, I just haven't gotten to play with it yet :)

    Third: The hit.  Smooth and controlled.  Not harsh.  It is clean and flavorful.

    Basically, it is everything you want when vaping your favorite flavors.  I currently have Reds Iced Apple E Juice by 7 Daze in my tank and it totally hits the spot.  I didn't want to even buy a new mod, because I was content with my Fuchai 200W, but it was time to be part of 2017 .  I am really happy with the SMOK GPriv 220W kit and I think you would be too.  Find it on our website or in the shop.  You won't be sorry.  It even comes in lots of different color options, so you might be able to find your favorite color just like I did.  I totally recommend this kit 10 out of 10.


  • California April 1st 2017 Tobacco Tax

    We Will Keep Updating the information with new posts once the state gives more clarification.


    Message from Cosmic Fog Vapors

    To our valued California customers,

    As you hopefully are already aware, starting April 1st all liquid nicotine (E-Liquid) products being sold into the state of California will fall under California tobacco product’s tax. There are many important things you must know as a business owner to make sure that you are ready and compliant with this new tax code as to not find yourself being liable for selling untaxed tobacco products. Cosmic Fog, through our position on the board of the California Smoke Free Organization has been negotiating with the Board of Equalization since the passage of prop 56 to make these new laws as least burdensome as possible for you.

    RETAILERS: Starting April 1st there are three main guidelines you must follow on all of the E-Liquid products you carry.

    You must obtain a tobacco products retailer license from the state of California.

    You may only buy nicotine containing E-liquid products from licensed California tobacco products distributors, wholesalers or manufacturers. You must receive and file a copy of every vendors license and keep on file while that product is on your shelf and maintain those records for a period of four years.

    Every product you purchase from a licensed channel must come with an invoice that includes the distributor/wholesaler/manufacturer’s license number with a separate line item showing the exact rate and total amount of the tax being charged on your order. You must pay this tax on every order and maintain these as records for a period of 4 years.

    What is most important to remember here is that all tax enforcement will be done at a retail level. Starting April 1st BOE enforcement agents will be entering your shop and asking you to show all of the documentation required for all of the products on your shelf. If you do not have this documentation, you as a retail license holder will be held liable.

    In an effort to prevent all confusion and offer the maximum amount of security to our valued customers, Cosmic Fog with be instituting a new policy starting April 1st. After April 1st, every bottle we sell into the state of California whether it be to a retail shop or to a wholesaler buying tax paid inventory to resell into CA, each and every bottle will be labeled with a CA TAX PAID Cosmic Fog sticker complete with our license number. This gives you an extra layer of protection when buying inventory from any sources that the merchandise is compliant. After April 1st you should never receive a bottle of Cosmic Fog, Liquid State or Next Day Vapor Products that does not have this tax label. Your existing unlabeled stock will still be okay to sell as long as you can show invoices and payment records that it was purchased before April 1st. At this time BOE has no plans to collect a retroactive floor tax.

    This is the area that is going to most effect your day to day business operations. The amount of the tax is a percentage off of the price of the FIRST point of sale into California. California’s OTP tax is written in a way to directly benefit the companies that manufacture in the state of California. For these companies (such as us) they are allowed to carry BOTH a manufacturers as well as a distributors license. The board of equalization allows manufacturers to sell from their manufacturing side to their distribution side at the cost of manufacturing, making this the first point of sale in California.

    For example, if you order 1 bottle from us at a price of $10, Cosmic Fog sells that bottle from Cosmic Manufacturing to Cosmic Distriubtion at manufacturing cost plus any other costs the BOE requires be factored in. So if we assess the cost of manufacture at $1.00 per a unit, each bottle sold into California will carry a 27.3 cent tax. Making your total cost for the one bottle $10.27. At this time we are awaiting an acceptable cost of manufacturing to base these figures off of from our Tax attorneys and expect the tax on a 30 mL unit to fall between $0.30-$0.40 and the tax for a 60 mL unit to fall between $.55-0.65.


    Companies located outside of California CAN obtain a CA tobacco products distributor license to legally sell into the state of California. However, what is most important to remember is that the CA tax is based off the first point of sale into CA. If an outside distributor or company is selling untaxed product into the state of CA then the first point of sale will be the price charged to you. Meaning on that same sale of 1 bottle for $10 the tax will be based off of that $10 amount bringing the taxable amount to $2.73 and your total price to $12.73.

    Also please note that the tax rate of 27.3% is expected to change in July to an estimated 68% raising our the taxes to be collected on every unit sold into CA.
    Please contact us if you have any questions about bringing your business to compliance or if we can offer any support going forward. As always we will take every step to protect your business and be your go to source on all matter related to regulatory, tax and anything facing the future of our industry.

  • Naked 100 Candy eJuice Review | The New King of Candy?


    What is Naked 100 Candy?

    Naked 100 Candy eJuice is the newest addition to the already amazing Naked 100 line created by Schwartz eLiquids.  Naked 100 Candy brings a delightfully sweet, tangy, and tart variety of flavors to the mix.  Yummy Gum (strawberry bubblegum), Berry Belts (mixed berry sour candy belt), and Sour Sweet (lime sour patch) are new flavors that will blow your mind.  All the Naked 100 lines come in 60ML bottles and in the following nicotine levels 0MG | 3MG | 6MG | 12MG



    • Berry Belts 60ML by Naked 100 Candy brought me back to my childhood.  Saving up allowance just to stop at the liquor store on the corner with friends to buy those packs of sour candy belts.  Those long sugary sour belts packed with flavor that made your cheeks tingle.  Yup, that is what this is, right here.  Completely, mind blown by how Naked 100 Candy was able to capture all that flavor.  The experience of trying this ejuice was sweet, just like the way it brought back fun childhood memories.


    • Sour Sweet 60ML by Naked 100 Candy has the taste of your favorite green lime sour gummy or green sour patch that you just can't get enough of.  The good thing about it is that you can vape on Sour Sweet with out all that sugar.  The sweet lime from either a dripper or a tank is distinct from first inhale and it is followed by a nice hint of sourness on the exhale, nothing too harsh.  This is definitely another ejuice to add to your sour stash.


    • Yummy Gum 60ML by Naked 100 Candy is literally that, yummy gum.  Do you remember when bubblicious, bubble yum, and bazooka were all the rage?  Well, Naked 100 Candy went has your back.  They went ahead and took care of that "something is missing" feeling when you look at the gum section at the store and all you see is Denteyne Ice or Orbit.  The Yummy Gum has just the right amount of strawberry bubblegum without ever loosing flavor the way real gum does. It is one of the best bubblegum flavors on the scene right now.  Your taste buds will be thanking you for this amazing flavor.
       You can purchase any of these great ejuices on our website at

  • Air Factory ?Mystery? E-Juice Review

    Air Factory ?Mystery? E-Juice

    What does this taste like?

    What is this juice suppose to be?

    I dont know what this is but I like it!

    All quotes from customers here in our store in Costa Mesa. All ideas that pop into your head after a Vape of Air Factory's ?Mystery? E-Juice

    ?Mystery? E-juice is a new flavor from Air Factory that tries a brand new approach to the flavor profile for juice.  No definitive flavor profile is available from the company leaving the experience unhindered by subliminal messaging on the packing.  A Unique experience indeed!

    ?Mystery? is packaged in a standard non descriptive, cartoonishly designed box that explains very little of the juice.  The juice is contained in an over sized 100ML chubby gorilla bottle.  The juice is available in 0,3, and 6 MG nic.


    That answer is not so simple, which is definitely apart of the apeal of the juice.  The juice has been brewed to vape clean and smooth.  ?Mystery? is great on your coils and is absolutely capable of fulfilling an all day vape flavor.  The taste is however, an absolute mystery.  Different people have given vastly different answers to what they believe the flavor profile is.  Without a written que to assist in deciphering the flavor profile Air factory has achieved somthing special indeed.  The flavor is absolutely fruity but not specific.  The flavor is sweet like a candy but not overly artificial.  A hint of sour is present but again, not specific.

    My initial thoughts were a grape based flavor mixed with taffy.  But with a sample size of over 100 people asked,  I was alone in my opinion.  Apple, watermelon, strawberry, lemon, and even pineapple were all the flavor profiles given to me.  The Image of the White Mystery Laffy Taffy definitely flashes in your mind as you vape this juice but what exactly does a mystery flavor air head taste like?

    While being unable to give a specific flavor profile on ?Mystery? one thing is for sure.  The juice is a winner.  The flavor is unique yet familiar.  Smooth enough to keep your tastebuds active and reach that coveted all day vape status.  Being unable to identify the true flavor profile of the juice has deterred very few from enjoying this very unique Juice

    Air Factory have produced a true winner with ?Mystery?  We here at Vaping Industries just wish we knew what the flavor truly was!

    Pick up your bottle today

  • Scott Gottlieb Pro Tobacco Nominee For FDA Commissioner


    Scott Gottlieb New FDA Director Nominee

    President Donald Trump’s nomination of Scott Gottlieb to be the next commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration is a hopeful sign that the FDA’s illogical tobacco product regulations may soon end.

    The rules as they stand lump all nicotine-containing products as one in the same, regardless of what risks they pose, so that electronic cigarettes -- which are orders of magnitude safer than tobacco cigarettes -- cannot remain on the market unless their makers submit expensive and burdensome applications to the FDA. Combustible cigarettes, meanwhile, are free to keep killing more than 400,000 Americans a year, no questions asked.

    As a result, a large percent of electronic cigarettes stand to be removed from the market, leaving real cigarettes from the need to compete against safer products.

    Gottlieb seems to realize that this doesn’t make sense. He has written of the “public health virtue” of helping move the market away from combustible cigarettes and toward safer products that deliver nicotine but without the health risks associated with smoking.

    The federal government’s current approach is described in last year’s Surgeon General’s report on electronic cigarettes, which characterizes vaping as a “form of tobacco use” and notes that electronic cigarettes are “the most commonly used form of tobacco among youth in the United States.” The report repeatedly emphasizes that all forms of tobacco use, including e-cigarettes, are dangerous.

    There is a major problem here. Electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, so vaping is not a form of tobacco use. Smokers who are concerned about their health but unable to quit nicotine, use e-cigarettes in order to continue inhaling nicotine without the risks inherent in analog cigarettes.

    The Surgeon General’s report explains that “e-cigarettes are considered tobacco products because most of them contain nicotine, which comes from tobacco.”

    MOST and not ALL is deliberate wording.

    Let’s be clear. If vaping is a form of tobacco use, then so is nicotine replacement therapy. And if “any form of tobacco use” is dangerous, then people who use nicotine gum and nicotine patches are also at risk. Obviously, it would be misleading to tell the public that the nicotine patch is a form of tobacco use. But the nicotine in a nicotine patch is derived from the same tobacco as is the nicotine in e-cigarettes.

    Another problem with the report is its unwillingness to acknowledge any difference in risk among various products. How can a product that kills more than 400,000 Americans a year be compared with vaping products and nicotine patches?

    The public relies on government health agencies to accurately communicate health risks. Vapors who read headlines suggesting that tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes are equal will be encouraged to return to smoking.

    The report also criticizes the tobacco industry for historically misleading the public about the relative risks of different types of tobacco products ("light" vs. regular cigarettes), but then engages in its own form of deception by equating tobacco cigarettes, whose risks are well-known, with tobacco-free products, whose risks are not. If there is any loss in public understanding, it’s not in underestimating the risks of vaping, but in overestimating them, a recent survey shows.

    The pitfall in exaggerating risks to scare children is that it doesn’t work. The risks associated with a behavior are part of what makes adolescents like it. Of course, adults want to protect kids from risks. But the challenge is not to stop youth from ever taking them; it’s to create an environment in which risks are minimized. The priority should be to keep kids off of real cigarettes.

    What’s more, efforts to scare kids away from vaping discourage many adults from quitting smoking.

    There is a way to regulate electronic cigarettes more sensibly: Congress should overturn the FDA e-cigarette regulations and substitute a framework that creates a separate category for e-cigarettes, with separate quality-control and safety standards; allow e-cigarette makers to innovate; and realistically communicates to the public the potential dangers of vaping.

    When talking to people about risks to their health, honesty is always the best policy.

  • Vaping Industries Will Be At MUSINK With Cosmic Fog Vapors

    We are excited to announce
    Vaping Industries Costa Mesa's Premier One Stop Vape Shop will be at
    Travis Barker Presents the Tenth Annual MUSINK with Cosmic Fog Vapors!

    What will be doing at the event?

    We will be selling AIO KITS for $25.00 and you will get a bottle of Cosmic Fog Vapors eJuice with each purchase!

    What is MUSINK?

    Musink is a 3-day tattoo convention, car show and live music concert held annually in Orange County. Boasting over 300 world renowned tattooers, 100's of vendors, three full days of bands, and Low & Slow Car Show presented by Famous Stars and Straps, Musink is the US' premiere tattoo and music lifestyle event.

    Who is Travis Barker?

    The history of punk rock can be divided into two parts: punk before Travis Barker and punk after Travis Barker. The California born-and-bred drummer has been a stalwart in the game for at least two decades, and is known for, among other things, his technical chops (usually delivered with military precision), and his sadomasochistic approach to beating the shit out of a drum kit. He’s also the backbone, workhorse, heart, soul, and, frankly, the best musician in the venerable pop-punk trio Blink-182 (their latest album, California, claimed Billboard’s top spot in July, putting an end to Drake’s nine-week run). So it should be no surprise that Barker happens to be one of the industry’s most sought after drummers. (I mean, just look at his resume: The Aquabats, Transplants, Box Car Racer, +44, Yelawolf, Antemasque, not to mention collaborations with Rihanna, Lil Wayne, and Afrojack.)

    What Bands will be playing?

    Set Times

    Friday | March 17th, 2017

    • NOFX (8:55PM)
    • The Vandals (7:45PM)
    • Lagwagon (6:40PM)
    • A Wilhelm Scream (5:40PM)

    Saturday | March 18th, 2017

    • The Used (8:55PM)
    • Glassjaw (7:40PM)
    • Goldfinger (6:40PM)
    • Story of the Year (5:45PM)
    • Hell or Highwater (4:55PM)

    Sunday| March 19th, 2017

    • Bad Religion (7:55PM)
    • Pennywise (6:25PM)
    • MISS MUSINK (6:05PM)
    • Swingin' Utters (5:10PM)
    • Unwritten Law (4:20PM)

    Hours of Operations

    FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 2017

    3:00 pm - 10:00 pm

    SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 2017

    12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

    SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 2017

    12:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    Check Out Some of Vaping Industries Favorite Songs for each MUSINK Artist!


    Here is a Promo Code for this upcoming week!

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