Apple Entering the Vape Game?

Apple has had a track record of possessing the Midas touch for over a decade now. A patent filed last year and published January 26 reveals a concept for a vaporizer.     Apple E-Cig The details are a bit hazy - that is, Apple's patent only describes "a substance that is to be vaporized or sublimated into a vapor," not what the substance might be. The patent, filed by Apple employee Tetsuya Ishikawa, outlines plans for a temperature-regulated plate inside a chamber that heats up a substance to form a vapor. The Vape game has been going strong for years now mostly through independent mechanics or engineers (both on the hardware and the Juice side). The FDA began regulating vaping last year, and set rules for the manufacturing and distribution of vapes and their components.  Most importantly however, the FDA put a gigantic price tag on the manufacturing of new mods.  A steep price for an independent to pay to play. A price tag that falls into irrelevance for a large corporation like Apple. Vaporizers are also used in industries like healthcare and agriculture, so it's possible Apple is thinking bigger than just the Vape game or even the cannabis market. But if Apple's future plans include making vapes for recreation, it would likely mean big corporations are getting into the vape game. Of course, this is just a patent. The vaporizer joins Apple's patented inventions including a fold able phone  and a wraparound iPhone screen, neither of which have been seen in product form. Is apple on track to revolutionize another industry with it's Midas touch of electronic devices? Only time will tell.
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