Chill E-Liquid Review By JRUE

JRUE here with another E-Juice Review to introduce one of the hottest lines to hit the scene in some time.

Chill E-liquids has developed a very unique soda flavor like nothing that has come before!  Each of the three individual flavors is carefully handcrafted to create a refreshing soda experience in every vape. The boys down at Chill E-Liquid have brewed a new and exciting juice flavor that captures the intensity of a soda with some refreshing fruit flavors.  We went into this review completely blind with no expectations whatsoever. Almost like pure wizardry,  the taste of a carbonated beverage in an E-liquid is now possible with Chill E-Liquid.  Check out the flavors below as well as the full video review by JRUE.

Orange Peach

Orange Peach A splashing blend of sweet peaches, oranges and notes of mango forming a harmonious combination that will tantalize your taste buds. Exquisite peach and orange on the inhale with a smooth mango with a hint of orange exhale.

Green Lime

Green Lime A zesty and irresistible lemon lime soda freshly squeezed to perfection, leaving you refreshed and wanting more. The freshest blend lemon lime soda flavor on the market!

Purple Grape

Purple Grape An exotic mix of grapes and ripe raspberries picked freshly from the vineyard, steeped absolute perfection. Sweet and smooth grape on the inhale that transforms into a unique grape-raspberry exhale.    
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