Fake News Strikes Vaping

Abe Lincoln Fake News Quote Sensationalism is a way of life for internet journalists and it has become a cesspool of fake news. A recent article published by the OC Register made a 100% accurate claim that is completely ridiculous.  The article's claim is simple,  vape products are sold in more locations than fresh produce.  However instead of wording it as such they used the words easier to obtain than nutritious food.  A textbook case of fake news. This claim is completely accurate according to a survey of pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores and smoke shops.  We here at Vaping Industries would be hard pressed to find someone who truly believes that finding fresh produce in a smoke shop or convenience store is a simple task.  I hear those Circle K Streaks are where its at, least according to the OC Register.  About as easy as it would be to find a fresh baked pizza in a sushi restaurant. Sensationalism journalism is a plague to anyone looking for no nonsense information from trustworthy sources.  Making a claim that can be skewed as a truth when only information you are trying to justify is used and common sense is thrown out the window destroys credibility instantaneously.  Claiming that 100% of people agree with you when you only ask people who agree with you is downright deceptive. The term fake news has been become synonymous with this practice. The article from the OC Register did just that. Vaping always seems to be under attack from sinister forces attempting to demonize everything related to it.  The OC Register has proven that they will even go as far as out right lie to push their agenda.  Yes, their are more locations in the area that sell Vaping products than fresh produce.  No they are not easier to obtain.  Individual accountability on store owners enforcing ID policies is stronger than ever before. Anyone in the vape game should be able to see how deceptive the OC Register is attempting to be.  Don't drink the Kool Aid!  The demonization of vaping by more and more media outlets is becoming common place. Vaping started as a grassroots word of mouth hobby that has attracted more and more people through hype alone.  As the trend to put a negative light on vaping continues,  the onus is on us as a community to be just as vocal as the opposition to keep our image clean and to sift through the garbage of online journalism and keep the record straight from fake news.
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