GPriv Review

The GPriv, 2 battery touch screen SMOK kit is what you've been waiting for. I recently purchased the purple SMOK Gpriv 220W kit because purple is my favorite color.  And a girl should get what she wants.  It is purple and black (both the tank and the mod).  It is sleek and sexy.  I was super excited to pick this up.  It even comes with a sleeve if you are worried about dropping it, to protect the screen and the mod.  And actually I already dropped it once, and it still works just like it was brand new.  There are a lot of great things about this kit, but the main reasons why this is the kit for you is below. First: The hardware.  Tank - Smok Big Baby Beast & Mod - Gpriv 220W.  Batteries held in with magnetic side panel. It is clean, lightweight, and durable. Second: The functions.  Touchscreen with screen lock, time and date, number of puffs, wattage level and effect control, and battery level monitoring.  There is more, I just haven't gotten to play with it yet :) Third: The hit.  Smooth and controlled.  Not harsh.  It is clean and flavorful. Basically, it is everything you want when vaping your favorite flavors.  I currently have Reds Iced Apple E Juice by 7 Daze in my tank and it totally hits the spot.  I didn't want to even buy a new mod, because I was content with my Fuchai 200W, but it was time to be part of 2017 .  I am really happy with the SMOK GPriv 220W kit and I think you would be too.  Find it on our website or in the shop.  You won't be sorry.  It even comes in lots of different color options, so you might be able to find your favorite color just like I did.  I totally recommend this kit 10 out of 10.  
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