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Majestic eJuice LLC

What began, in 2012, as a fan favorite brand in Southern California has rapidly expanded internationally and all across the United States. Owner and Founder of Majestic Ejuice, LLC, Ron Webb brings 20+ years of culinary experience in the restaurant industry to his love of creating excitingly original flavors of e-liquid. Majestic eJuice currently has 4 different eliquid collections in their arsenal:

Majestic eJuice Prestige Collection

  • Prestige No. 29 - A smooth and creamy parfait with forward notes of ripe raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. This ejuice elevates your typical yogurt vape flavor into a Prestige level.
  • Prestige No. 47 - White Chocolate goes exotic with green tea waffer cookies. An unique one of a kind eliquid.
  • Prestige No .79 - This Lemon Blueberry pound cake with a decadent whipped cream.

Majestic eJuice Original Collection

  • Gauntlet - A sweet dessert blend of vanilla custard with roasted hazelnut and a hinted of tobacco.
  • Guillotine - A sweet dessert blend of  strawberry and banana smoothie with a mild coconut finish.
  • Ice Maiden - This pineapple and orange ice cream big stick flavor ejuice is sure to bring back memories of your childhood.
  • King Kong - A dessert blend of creamy caramel creme brulee with bananas and a hint of secret spices.
  • Royal Guardsmen - A sugary cereal and sweet berries that will remind you of the Captain!

Majestic eJuice Candy Collection

  • Stwiz - Is a sweet strawberry gummy string ejuice.
  • SKS - Strawberry kiwi hard candy with hint of sour that will give you the perfect blend of sweet and sour.
Majestic eJuice LLC

Churn'd Out Vaporz

          Every bottle produced by Majestic eJuice is made from the very best ingredients made in California. Majestic eJuice LLC
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