Provape The Creators of The ProVari Throw in the Towel

The ProVari  era has ended.  2Provari Product shot017 brings with it immense change in the Vape game.  New regulations by the FDA, Lawsuits, and taxes.  Some company's will thrive in this environment and some will not.  The wild west of the Vaping industry has ended and some of the originators of electronic cigarettes have decided to get out. Taken directly from the Pro Vape forums
Dear Friends, Due to new restriction and upcoming FDA regulations, we have decided to cease production and close Provape. The market has greatly changed over the last year and includes a lot of new challenges that went into the decision: FDA regulations, FDA preventing us from releasing new products, general lawsuits hitting the industry and new outrageous taxes shutting down stores, etc. We are very grateful for your loyalty over the years. Thank you for the support! What an amazing journey this has been. Never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined, when we started ProVape that the ProVari brand would grow so fast, getting worldwide attention and shipping over 450,000 devices around the globe! Thank you for sharing your stories and photos with us over the years. It’s been very humbling to have been a part of your life and we wish you all the best. I read through the recent stories posted on the ECF and that was very touching, Thank you for sharing.
Today we would like to pay homage to the pioneers of the variable wattage mod.  The ProVari was the hottest mod on the scene for years.  During the grass roots era of vaping,  a ProVari was more than a state of the art, technologically advanced mod.  The ProVari was a status symbol.   Will the high end mod market thrive in the coming months with the changes to the law and production? Only time will tell  
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