Survey Shows Average Vapor Radically Different From Mainstream Image

What does the Average Vapor look like?

Vaping at the BarA company in the UK recently carried out a survey to determine what the average vapor looks like. A number of questions were asked and the results were surprising. If you look at the marketing for most vape companies you will notice that the target audience is mainly male, and somewhere between the mid-20s and early 30s. The emphasis seems to be on the Instagram social media vape life scene so prevalent in all of our feeds. The data collected from a random group of 500 customers was expected to back this up. But as it turns out the average vapor isn’t what you would expect.     This is the first time this particular group have conducted a survey like this and the results have opened up some interesting discussion on marketing and advertising strategies. The survey aimed to highlight what the typical vaper looks like, and took into account, age, sex, and reasons for vaping. The data below highlights the results:

The most surprising statistic is the fact that over 66% of vapers in the survey are over 40, with nearly 40% over 50 and a mere 15.5% being under 30.

This means the typical vapor doesn’t look like the public image at all. Granted, some vape shops may be hang outs for the younger crowd,  the majority of vapors seem to be ex-smokers from the older generation ordering juice online, and using vaping as a substitute for smoking. The debate continues about the safety of e cigarettes, but a study carried out recently discussed here found that e cigarettes are orders of magnitude safer than tobacco. So, the fact that the older generation are switching to e cigarettes can only benefit public health in the years to come, as theoretically, there should be less smoking related illnesses. Here at Vaping industries this data wont change our approach to how we handle the Vape game.  Great hardware and juices for everyone by everyone.  Regardless of the averages YOUR experience trumps everyone else. We will always stay relevant with the SoCal scene that we started in and stay up with what the people want.  
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