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Quitting JUUL Glamour Shotsmoking cigarettes and E-Cigs have gone hand in hand since their inception.  Many mods have come about that specifically target this concept and the JUUL is the latest in the long string of attempts to satisfy that need. The company's CEO, James Monsees, says this design, and JUUL’s existence, came about after it decided current products weren't up to scratch. "E-cigs have fallen short because they haven't delivered consumer satisfaction," he posits. JUUL, he believes, is better than smoking. Not just analogous, but better. Does the JUUL live up to these expectations? From first glance the mod is unique in design and pleasing aesthetically.  The device looks more like a USB drive than an E-Cig.  The simple, yet elegant design fits anyone’s sense of style.  The magnetic USB charger is convenient and efficient.  The pods that contain the juice are extremely simple, plug and play.  A lot of hard work and planning went into the look of the JUUL and it shows immediately. One of the major flaws with most vaping products is that they have a steep learning curve which tends to intimidate new vapers. The JUUL is not one of those vapes. Without reading instructions of any kind, we were able to open up box, load a flavor cartridge , and start puffing away in 30 seconds flat. The JUUL is as intuitive as it gets. Once you slide open the package, you’ll remove the rechargeable e-cig (it comes fully charged), take out the piece of cardboard from the mouthpiece portion, slide in one of the four JUUL pod flavor cartridges that doubles as a mouthpiece, and draw on the mouthpiece. That’s it. It’s literally that simple. However, the relevance of a how a mod looks or how easy it is to use goes away immediately if there is no substance to back up the cover page.   Juice currently on the market uses freebase nicotine. "Nicotine in nature is a compound that wants to form and join with the organic acids and salts you find in tobacco leaves,"  Company CEO  James Monsees explains, "To that end, we developed a juice that's blended with nicotine salts, which supposedly delivers the drug to you in a more similar fashion to combustible cigarettes." So what is it like to take a drag from a JUUL after hearing it broken down science style? Intense. Punch you in the face intense. All the science in the world breaks down to one simple concept.  Hitting a JUUL is like hitting a real cigarette.  And to top it off they even seemingly factored in filter strength.  The JUUL hits like a FULL flavored cigarette.  Boasting a 5% nicotine level in the pods, the JUUL hits hard and is immediately satisfying.  Anyone hitting a JUUL after being on 3MG juices will feel the intensity and you might have a cough or two, while those smoking analogue cigarettes will feel right at home. The JUUL starter kits come with a diverse supply of 4 flavors.  Virginia Tobacco and Cool Mint (Menthol) for those who want that authentic cigarette experience, along with a Fruit Medley and a Creme Brulee for vapors making the switch.  The pods are incredibly small but they pack a punch and last a surprisingly long time comparative to their size. Anyone looking for a replacement for cigarettes or a vapor looking for a closer to analogue experience should definitely try out the JUUL.  Simple in style with the substance to back it up, The JUUL might just be the next big thing in vaping Each JUUL starter kits comes with the mod, a fully charger battery, a USB magnetic charger and a multi flavor JUUL pod pack for $49.99 and you can also pick up a pod pack of all four flavors for $15.99 each. Get yours today in store at Vaping Industries Located at 333 E 17th St. Costa Mesa Ca 92627
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