Treats E-juice Review by JRUE

Treats E-liquid Treats E-Juice 120ml is the ultimate dessert vape of creamy vanilla bean ice cream between two chocolate cookies, then sprinkled with fruity cereal and bits of rice crispy treats. The smooth and creamy vape of Treats E-Juice combines your favorite desserts into one delicious flavor. The presentation of the Treats E-Juice includes a gorgeous colorful wrapper and a 15ml unicorn bottle. The latest attempt from Marine Vapors is an interesting take on the fruity pebbles flavor. Sporting an 80/20 VG/PG ratio the intended flavor is more on the lighter side.  Like any high VG flavor, the focus is on a smoother vape.  Less throat hit and more flavor.  However due to the nature of the juice itself,  a higher wattage mod is almost required to experience the juice as intended The Juice comes in a very stylish box that is designed to showcase the treats nature.  A giant candy roll up box that emits a very unique look for the flavors perfectly.  Fruity pebble rice crispy treat vanilla Ice cream sandwich.  A large 120 ML bottle and a complimentary unicorn bottle for dripping are included.  The hype is real when viewing the box and we couldn't wait to try out the juice But how does it vape? The first hit is quite an experience.  The flavor is light yet, assertive.  The fruity pebbles are apparent immediately while the vanilla after tones can also be found on the exhale.  I personally couldn't taste the marshmallow on the rice crispy treat.  Was that due to the strong and established flavor of the fruity pebbles? Regardless of the lack of marshmallow the flavor is definitely apparent immediately.  Sweet, sweet, and more sweet. On a RDA, Treats is an amazing flavor.  Each drop has a personality of its own and the distinct flavors really shine on a high wattage mod.  The high VG ratio of the juice ensures that the hits will never be too overbearing and no flavor will be lost when vaped at the correct wattage.  Lower wattage hits had a not so positive experience however. On my AIO KIT which runs at a max of 15 watts the juice leaves much to be desired.  Like any max VG juice, low wattage mods are unable to reach the temperature needed to properly vaporize the juice as intended.  Treats vapes too light at lower wattage removing almost all of the flavor. Treats is absolutely recommended for use on a higher wattage MOD or RDA kit to experience the flavor as intended.  When vaped in a high wattage mod, Treats is a smooth and enjoyable flavor that brings the best of a fruity flavor with the contrasts of a desert without pushing too hard into both territory. Pick up a Bottle today HERE Be sure to check out the Full Video review below    
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