Vaping -101 Wattage and Ohms

Vaping Hardware Explained                         Watts, ohms, mods, vaping voltage; what does it all mean? For the beginner in the diverse world of vaping, you might be confused by what these terms mean, and even the experienced vaper could still be confused by some of them. This article is a continuation of our Vaping 101 series. Today we cover what watts and ohms really mean and how they apply to your vape.

Juice is King

When it comes to vaping  you will notice one topic that mostly dominates conversations has to do with E-Juice. Which flavor tastes the best.  Which flavors hit the best. The PG/VG combo for thicker clouds. The latest juice in the market etc. However, there are other less talked about topics that influence how your device functions. Did you know the temperature of the vapor affects your overall vaping experience? So does the flavor of the e-juice at certain temperatures, or the amount of vapor produced. This is the reason E-liquid flavors such as chocolate, coffee or tobacco taste better when exposed to more heat; the same reason E-liquids flavored with fruit taste better when less heat is applied to them.

What is Vaping Voltage/Wattage?

Voltage and wattage are electrical measurements, and when it comes to electrical readings, you can compare them to a water hose.  There is something running through the electrical wiring of your device and instead of water, this something is electricity. It all has to do with resistance (measured in Ohms) or how freely that electricity can flow. Picture that water hose. When you turn the water on, the stream of water creates pressure inside the hose. When you partly block one end of the hose with your finger, you don’t increase the amount of water, yet the water has a higher force and flows at a higher rate. Likewise in vaping, the amount of heat produced by the atomizer or tank is determined by wattage. When you adjust the wattage on your tank, you adjust the amount of heat produced. Compared to the example above the wattage is like the amount of water flowing thru the water hose and the resistance or Ohms is your finger controlling the pressure. If you want to increase the vaping wattage on your vaporizer, you also have to fine-tune the voltage or resistance levels and atomizers differ from each other in terms of resistance levels which normally range between 0.2-3.0 ohms.

What are Ohms?

Electrical resistance is measured in units called ohms. Lowering the resistance and pumping up the voltage gives you more vapor, better throat hit and most importantly a different flavor. You’ll also hear of Ohm’s Law. This is the formula used to establish a relationship between current (measured in Amps), voltage (measured in volts) and resistance (measured in ohms). Ohm's law states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage across the two points. Introducing the constant of proportionality, the resistance one arrives at the usual mathematical equation that describes this relationship The simple translation for this is if something is in the way of your power supply less power will reach the goal.  The power supply being your battery and the goal being your Juice. Your coil being what mitigates the power going to your juice.  The lower the ohms on a coil the more power reaches your juice from the battery.

What Ohms should you use?

The thing is, every person is different. When it comes to vaping, everyone develops their own favorite and what is good for ME may not even be close to what YOU find satisfying. What’s my point? It matters little if someone is a long time vapor, or celebrated reviewer. Don’t take the opinion of anyone else as the gospel truth as their tastes may not line up with your own. To figure out what coil, wattage, and ohms are best, you need to try them out, and keep trying until you figure out what YOU like best.

Who should try this at Home?

The danger that comes with mods and rebuild-able tank atomizers is the reason these devices should be in the hands of experienced builders. A mod has no circuitry or electronic protection and will fire anything you put into them.  Sub Ohming is a way to run a mod at below 0.1 Ohms. Customization of a your tank or mod is required to achieve Sub Ohm and requires a bit of tinkering by the user. This results in massive clouds and HUGE hits at the cost of little to no resistance between the power supply and your face.  Yes, a mod or tank can be tweaked to achieve this.  Yes, huge clouds look awesome on Instagram. No, you should not try this at home as a beginner or intermediate level vapor. If you have a variable wattage Mod absolutely try out different temperatures, wattage, or ohms.  If not understand that all static wattage mods will be different offering a unique strength of a hit,  flavor of a juice, and level of enjoyment you experience. The recommended levels may or may not be to your liking.  Play with the settings and find that perfect level that is made for YOU. Questions or comments? drop em below and be on the lookout for our next installment in Vaping 101
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