7 Daze eJuice

Vape 7 Daze Premium E-Liquid is hand crafted and bottled in Southern California. Created in 2014 7 Daze mission was to create exciting and delectable ejuices for each day of the week. Crawlie Tuesday | Selfie Sunday are the leaders for this brand. And recently they have rebranded Selfie Sunday to Red Apple eJuice. Be sure to use coupon code EJUICE for 10% off your eliquid order.

Magnetic Dust E Liquidbrings back your childhood when you use to get the sugary powder candy packets

Magnetic Rocks E Liquidis a rock candy that is sweet and sour that just pops in your mouth.

Magnetic Worm E Liquidis a sour worms candy flavor that taste like fresh gummy sour worms from the bag.

Pink Sticks E Liquid - is a vanilla straw cookie dipped in strawberry cream..

Reds Apple E Liquidis the 60ML rebranded version of Selfie Sunday which is a juicy red apple pressed into a glass of ice cold apple juice.

Reds Apple Iced E Liquid - is the Reds Apple with Menthol or commonly known as ICED

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