Minikin Boost 155w Box Mod | ASMODUS



The Asmodus Minikin Boost has the shape of the original Minikin but with a magnetic battery door, a maximum firing range of 155 watts, and the best feature of all, the new "Curve" firing mode.

For those of you that have never heard of the "Curve" function, it allows the Minikin boost to manually set 5 different wattages over time presets for up to 10 seconds so it can emulate temperature control but to your specifications. For example, you can have the device start off at 40.0 watts for 0.25 seconds, peak at 69.0 watts for 2 seconds, then finish off at 25.0 watts for 2 second. This allows you to control how fast and how high you want your device to ramp up when using Claptons or large gauge wire builds every time.

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